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Inspire 360

A community focused on our relationships with God and each other

About Inspire 360

Our Mission
Our mission is to engage God in every area of our lives by growing with GOD, building authentic relationships, and positively impacting our communities.
What Do We Believe?
We believe that the focus should be on Jesus. We aren't interested in your clothes, politics or your past; instead we focus on God's plan for your life and how to get there. We understand that everyone has lived a unique life, full of different experiences. Our goal is to show you that, regardless of your past, God has a plan for your future.
Our Approach
INSPIRE 360 is a holistic approach develop, grow and support faith through real relationships, relevant teaching, community building and leadership. Through a relationship with Jesus Christ, we try to elevate every area of our lives (faith, relationships, health, finances, and communities) while growing in focus, achievement and integrity.

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