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help others

Why Give?

To Support Our Work
First, thanks for considering Inspire 360, as a destination for your donation. We are honoured that you would consider helping us connect communities with God. We use our resources to cover costs of things like salaries, building rental, programming, and more. Donations allow us to keep going, and we thank you for your support.
You're A Community Builder
A good portion of our resources are dedicated to our community programs, like Inspire Eats, a food security / food bank program, that provides groceries to families, new-comers and individuals in North Etobicoke and North York. Your contributions help us reach those that need it most.
A Way To Leave A Legacy
It's amazing how a gift today, can support a future tomorrow. Our giving allows us to impact the lives of the next generation in ways that we can't even imagine. Your giving to Inspire 360, will help someone, somewhere, enjoy a future that would be out of reach, without you.

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